Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School bag left outside tuition centre

Next year my toddler be going to Kindergarten, how excited would it be? Well it's no really fun as it would be tough to wake him up. I can never forget my eldest going to kindergarten first year crying in bed, says he's not willing to go etc. It's also time for him to have toilet train for going big project before going to kindergarten, some how my eldest always failed me driving half way we need to turn back because he needs to do big project.

Anyway about school bag left outside tuition centre, it's a tuition centre nearby son's school. It's famous with many children studying there, it's a shop lot type of tuition centre. My friend and I last year headed there, she wanted to request about school holiday activities, the lady didn't invite us in, she also take a look at overall clothing. Yeah, you know it, some people do judge you by what you wear! The lady told us that they only accept all year long student means they don't accept temporary student.

I saw a few times after working hours, the children's school bags would be left outside the tuition centre and nobody look after it. Imagine how dangerous it would be if someone just take a way of the the bags, who is going to be responsible for the lost of school bag and books in bag?! School bags lining up outside of the tuition centre.

I am sure no parent would want to see their child going back to school without their school bag. 

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  1. This is not good at all, why must put the school outside?? Why cannot just bring it in with them right??


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