Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2nd Day@F.O.S Warehouse Sale

It's going to be more fun going back the second time for shopping at F.O.S Warehouse sale, don't get me wrong. I went again because my friend didn't know how to go, so I guide her to go. It's good time for us to shop for our loved ones, yeah she shopping for her boys while I shop for mine.

Once again I shop for my son, yesterday I shopping for my toddler. For your info there's no changing room in the warehouse sale.
The above RM7 each I shop for my son, yeah he's growing everyday so I know soon he can't wear clothes in closet anymore. It's good deal, my friend also bought as above for his boys. I chosen the XL size for my son, they have XXL size too.

I checked out the glam shoes I am eyeing on, yeah yesterday I tried them and it was size 39. The man told me that it's actually size 8. So I grab the black glam shoes RM15.

If you check out my haul, I am surprise to tell you that the bra set I bought which has bra and panty is La Senza brand. I Google and find out this set actually cost RM56. I love the La Senza leopard print bra that I bought.

I want to thank F.O.S warehouse sale staffs for keeping my friend's handbag, she lost it this morning while shopping.

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