Monday, April 7, 2014

New hair style for son

Yesterday, we bring son to have a hair cut. He chosen the army hair cut, yeah something like you watched in Ah Boys to Men 2. He likes the hair cut so much, today he says that they have class photo. Teacher told him that he's haircut is nice.

He used to have longer hair style on the front where dear would put hair gel on his hair to comb up to go school. Sad to say that the school does not permit children to put gel on hair. Though he looks smart and tidy but school no allow.

Some how the school allow some children with long hairstyles, unless they have letters on sold reasons why they need to keep the hair length.

Some parents prefer their children with bald head to go school, it's easier no need to go cut hair often. I mean this hairstyles for boys in school.


  1. Haha so cute! He looks so happy with his new haircut. XD

    1. thanks, he loves this style, he chooses it himself.

  2. Nice choice he made, it looks nice on him hehe :D And yeah last time also my school don't allow anyone to use gel


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