Monday, October 21, 2013

Missing my hamsters

Do you have a pet during your childhood? I have two hamsters named brown and white because of their fur colour. for start during my teenage year. Then the couple mate and I have total of 63 hamsters.

The pet hamsters I have, I have put a hamster in a bucket of half water to let it swim. Just for few minutes, after that wipe its wet body. I don't recall the type of hamster I have but I know it is long fur hamster which I can trim the fur.

I don't know if you know of this, but new mommy hamster ate their first born. :(

I don't want to believe this but it is truth and happened a few times. Brown is the mommy, White is the daddy. White done a good job protecting his babies. It was cuddling the babies when I couldn't locate them in cage.

The cage was made of steel, today you can find many types of cage for hamsters.

It is fun watching the hamster running in the wheel in the cage.


  1. I heard that too. White is a good and loving daddy :)

  2. missing them, love White. It's fur is long and I always trim it.

  3. Really?? Mommy hamsters eat their first born?? That is really sad :'(


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