Sunday, October 27, 2013

Costumes for Halloween

Everyone waited for the storytelling, it a storytelling session by Julia Gabriel. I hope they can improve by having the story book bigger.

I am happy to see many types of costumes for Halloween night, there goes the zombie boy (son's classmate! :D
Don't want to lose chance snap a picture of a gal holding her head! Yeah she's one of the winners!

I am glad the Halloween night over early because everyone's tired and hungry to grab a bite for dinner.

I believe every child is a winner with their Halloween costumes that attended the night. :D

It is fun activities for children to take part, a good experience for them too.


  1. Very interesting event ... a lot to see and have fun.

  2. Your son's costume looks great and nice makeup :D

    1. yeah they said recycled so I used his shirt to draw Halloween Theme.


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