Friday, October 18, 2013

First try on Halloween Dracula makeup

What do you think of above picture? Yeah I put son on try out the Halloween Dracula. I just want to have some fun with him, he likes it so much. I wanted him to stay longer with the makeup so I can know how long can they last. He's sweat so much, so I need to know if the makeup will melt.

I didn't purchase any face paint, I find them expensive! I just use my makeup on him. lol

He wants to share his looked with his classmate, one of the classmate's mom told me she afraid that her girl might not able sleep at night after looking his makeup. lol

Son likes to watch Hotel Transylvania, so this is the makeup I did for him.


  1. your son is so cute! =)

  2. Your son quite expressive too... Good, he can join drama school leh :)

    1. hope school having drama class, if there's he can join.

  3. Wow your son looks fierce and i do love watching Hotel Transylvania too, such a funny movie :D


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