Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pretty Inai Henna on my hands

Today is a busy day for me, our first time to go The Club near One Utama. I still don't know how to go there. There's a charity sales there, look at inai henna on my hands. I got them for RM5 each hand, so both my hands cost RM10. I have different designed of inai henna on both hand.
My sister-in-law too has the inai henna done for her hand.
I was told that, they will last for a week on my hand. :D
Have you tried Inai Henna on your hands?
Yesterday I put on red nail polish on my hands. :D


  1. nice, the last time i did henna art was when my indian friend got married

  2. Wow i like the style that you chose and the nail color it matches you cause you are fair, lucky you :D

    1. yeah I love them too but dear find them expensive

    2. But it's for charity so it's ok, what nail polish are you using??


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