Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MBO Cinema card, changing new card?

I joined MBO cinema card last year and I used it to watch movies. Not long ago I check their MBO Cinema Facebook and they saying that the card change to new card. So it is better to spend away the money which left in the card.

My money RM22 left in the card, I am going to use it to watch movie with my son. He loves comedy movie, this movie Grown Up 2 is PG13. I asked him if he wants to watch Grown Up 2 or Internship. He straight away saying Grown Up 2.

Below is the email notice I received
  • MBO Cinemas has discontinued all top up facilities for the existing MBO Membership Card on        12 August 2013. This is to facilitate the transition to the new MBO Starclub Reward Program that   will start in September 2013
    • Members can continue to enjoy existing privileges using the balance credit in the card and pay with cash/ credit card if balance credit amount is insufficient
    • The existing MBO Member's Program and its privileges will be fully be discontinued by                  15th November 2013. We recommend members to spend all balance credit in the card before registering for the new reward program  


    1. I think i'm gonna apply for the membercard too so tell me more about the benefits of it :D

    2. You can apply their new card.

      1. Alright i will apply it next time i got go MBO cinemas :D


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