Sunday, September 1, 2013

Must have in school bag! Magnetic pencil box/colour pencils case

My son is in Primary One, above is what he must have in school bag. His school bag is trolley type with three compartments at front. First compartment is where I keep his pencil box and colour pencils case.
The colour pencils case, I bought actually for gel pens. I took all the gel pens and replace them with colour pencils. I choose to give him use the magnetic pencil box because it is hard! I saw many types of pencil pouch but they are not suitable for him. I tried let him use and put in bag, sad to say the pencils ended up broken.
I find pencil pouches not suitable for him, perhaps he's a boy he's not really taking care of his stationery. It is third time I changed the magnetic pencil box. No kidding, it is either the magnet missing or it's other side of box broken.
Magnetic pencil box I can no longer find with price under RM10. I decided to choose other plastic pencil box for him.
Above Thomas & Train pencil box only RM5, but the shop no longer selling it. :(
What type of pencil box are you giving your child to use?
Magnetic pencil box still available today I saw them selling at RM19.90 to RM29.90 with sharpener.
I even saw the Mickey Mouse trolley school bag above RM200!


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