Saturday, August 17, 2013

Huggies Malaysia Book of Records

Today is busy day for us, we bring him for injection and he's going for another injection next month.
No party for mommy but there's something for my toddler, which is shopping of Huggies drypants!
He's one of the babies/toddlers in Huggies Malaysia Book of Records.  
Look how cute he's in orange, the Like you looking above is the swimming pool. I guess it is the main attraction in Huggies, if you purchased three packs of Huggies you get the swimming pool for free.
We have been looking for swimming pool for him to play, happy to say finally we got it for free with purchase of three Huggies drypants.
About the goodie bag for attending the challenge, below is the picture! The fan of Huggies which I like because we need a replacement for his stroller. Kotex brand pads which I like for my monthly use.

Say, did you attend the Huggies Malaysia Book of Records?


  1. Luckily I manage to come back from Genting on time to attend the event. That time not many crowds and no need to wait at all. I bought the diapers also as my children love the pool...


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