Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Fair Coupon@Sunway Lagoon

Last Sunday we have great fun, we decided to go Sunway Lagoon. I choose to purchase three parks instead of all parks because my children are too young to go all park. My son and I have good splashing time in the water park, he loves the water so much he doesn't want to stop. I rented the double tube RM30 which inclusive of RM15 deposit, I was given the wristband and number of the double tube written on it.

My first stop is the Pirate's Revenge, I took the ride my family members take a rest at other corner. It is breath taking experience makes me think of the movie "Final Destination", not sure why this movie just pop up. Pirate's Revenge- Malaysia's First 360-degrees Rotating Pirate Ship! No kidding most passengers are screaming, some passengers have their eyes closed but not me. If you want to ride why would you want to close your eyes?

The last stop would be the Fun Fair and Amusement Park. My son loves to play the pick the duck, beware each coupon cost RM4 so if you want to play all the games you may need to purchase more coupons.

My son won a badge, well I think whoever played at the fun fair will bring home something. :D

If you plan to go Sunway Lagoon be sure to be there by 10 am to queue, I was there 10.30 and the queue so long I waited at least 30 min or more. You cannot bring in any food or drinks, they will check your bags! No kidding, I purchased a bottle 100 plus and a bottle mineral bottle plus two sausage it cost me RM16.

There is camera man that like to take your picture, the photo is not cheap! One photo would cost RM35, if you like photo frame in key chain it woud be RM45. You are allow to choose the photo that you like for print out.

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