Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chicken porridge

I like to eat this chicken porridge it is fast and easy, sometimes I think of what to eat for breakfast I would choose this. Sometimes I still feel hungry I would eat two bowl of porridge. I have tried other flavour like corn, mushroom, and prawn. My son and baby loves to eat too. I am glad both my boys are not allergy to prawn.

If I eat prawn or crab I will have itchy lips, I like to eat crab so I don't mind having itchy lips. I seldom eat prawns so its okay for me to get itchy lips sometimes.

My baby is going to be a year old this coming Wednesday, there will be two celebrations one at my dad's place another back to dear's home town. I was told that he can only cut the cake one time on his Birthday, anyone knows the reason? If that's the case he can just blow the candle when he's back home town.

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