Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bloop orange nail polish review H182

I like using nail polish, I purchased two bottles of nail polish recently from F.O.S outlet at Mid Valley. You are looking at Bloop orange colour nail polish H182. It is very smooth coat when I applied on my nails. This nail polish available at F.O.S outlet and a bottle cost RM7, if you purchase two bottles in a single receipt there is discount.

What do you think of the nail polish?

It is my first time to own Bloop nail polish. I purchased another colour which is purple colour. FYI, the nail polish colour is picked by my son.

Almost forgot to say Happy Father's Day to daddy around the globe. Today we supposed to bring my son to my dad's place to celebrate my baby's Birthday but poor baby is having high fever since yesterday so we cannot go. My sister is there she is going back to temple tomorrow.

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