Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping for plus size clothing in Malaysia

I am plus size myself and I love to check out plus size clothes. Being a woman has the advantage of wearing many pretty clothing, do you know where to shop for plus size clothing? I like using Internet access to check out plus size clothing. I don't know many online shops, I often check out the model herself for the clothes.

I don't shop often for plus size clothes but I find her clincher is affordable and I have given mine to my sister-in-law I hope she likes it. Personally, I have shop from this at this shop and find the seller fast and effective. She will explain to you in email when you get the delivery.

Where do you shop for plus size clothing?

Now I need find other plus size shop as I find the price of clothing increase. It is bad news for mommy like me who is stay at home mom while dear alone working.


  1. here are many stores that have them for sale. JC Penny and department stores have a section with bags without store names on them. Shop around and get her a nice variety. (Some businesses hand them out for advertising as well.)

  2. I usually shop at Trendy Confessions
    They have dresses/top up to size UK24! and their items are really up to the current trend :)


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