Monday, November 1, 2010

Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Colour 72 Strawberry Blonde

I am having my hair dye and I did it myself so I need to wait for 30 minutes to wash my hair. I choose the Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Colour 72 Strawberry Blonde, I bought the Revlon from warehouse sales. I am keeping a box for my mom, she likes to get her hair dye too. The other day I no help her dye as she just get the hair perm.

This permanent hair colour kit inclues ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer, after color conditioner, applications instructions, and gloves. I haven't try out another brand of hair dye product mention by Tammy at her blog. I like to visit her blog often for the updates of hair dye product and also work shop. If you have the chance check out her lovely blog.

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