Monday, November 22, 2010

It is black colour

My mom has been complaining she has passed motion and it is black in colour. I ask my bro and he asks whether she is taking any iron supplement. It can cause the past motion to be black colour. Indeed after check with my dad, he called the nursing home to check and she had iron supplement. So it is normal to have black colour.

The nursing home fee does not cover the necessary things that my mom needs such as tooth brush, tooth paste, biscuits, drinks and others. Sometimes the food is not tasty my mom will not eat them and she had instant noodle. I find out this from my dad and mom.

Talk about cooking I remember putting the wrong soy sauce into the vegetable. When my sister-in-law finds out about this she refused to eat the vegetable that I cooked. Lucky my darling still eat and I also eats even the taste is funny; hey I am learning to cook so bear with me.

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