Monday, August 16, 2010

I have fever

Later my dear back from work he is going to take me see doctor, I cannot drive as my legs very pain due to fever. Yesterday evening I told him that I am not well and he not believe me at all, the night I put on socks, wear on jackets, even the put on the comfort hand sleeve. Today I am wearing the Tyra Long Sleeve Camisole then t-shirt and long pants even though I have sweat but I still have fever. Last night my left leg sprain and lucky my dear helps me, so pain the muscle.

Someone finished almost finished my Panadol and keep quiet about it. Do you know that Ghost Festival has started? It is also known as Hungry Ghost Festival for the Chinese.


  1. sherry.. wishing you fast recovery. Take care!

  2. ww, i hae it too, got flu on sunday, but i recovr fast, now, im at work... get well soon


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