Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy to see my mom today

Today I am happy to see my mom as I have not seen her over a month, I miss her so much and manage to pass her the earrings that she told she prefers. The handmade earrings by me hand to her earlier to dad but my dad keeps it not giving to my mom. I passed the earrings personally to her and she wear them immediately, the earrings that given by my sister to her missing so she not wearing any earrings.

Sometimes I am having financial problem but I don't want my parents to worry of me. I know that my dad is helping my sisters, one sister is a nun another sister is working unstable jobs. My another sister has gone for surgery before and lucky to have my brother and dad to support her hospital bill. I was sicked earlier and I was at the emergency hospital to check for my health and it also cost me nearly USD$70. Health is everything if you don't have health there will be many things cannot do. My mom cannot go holiday because she is not in good condition, she fells from slippery floor and she also hurt her head and back. My dad took her to see doctor and medical check up. I am not so happy as family that the family member is separate from one another. I know my mom wants all children to live under one roof, it is not possible as everyone has different dream and aim in life. She is most heartache when my sister told her that she is becoming nun.

Life is short and every day is priceless, be there with your loved one. If you are far away a call also will be good as loved one can listen to your voice.

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