Saturday, August 7, 2010

Craving a lot lately

I love to eat and I have been craving a lot lately, I am not pregnant I am just fat. I have big belly now and people think I am pregnant. I am sitting down more so I put on weight on my waist and also my butt. Now don't ask me about the measurement because I don't know but I know if I cannot wear the pants anymore that is sign I have to find bigger pants to wear.

I need to find my dear trousers to wear because he cannot wear them any more it is a waste just leave in the room. It will be suitable for me to wear because some of my trousers have holes and I not yet sew them back by hand. My sewing machine is in the store room so deep inside and many things blocking it.


  1. hi sis, it's been a while since we last talk with each other. i was super lazy because of my pregnancy. LOL.

  2. hi sis melandria yeah so long we no chat hehe.. good to know that :D congrats sis.


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