Sunday, June 27, 2010

The whole week went wrong?

I don't know why this is bad timing for me, it seems like everything went wrong for me. I am sure you want to know why I want my money back. Go ahead and read this post to find, I am sure you are shocked like me to find out.

To everyone I am sure you think like me that bank is the safe place to keep the money, now I am having doubt but there is no choice because bank is definitely the best place. I am lost I don't know if I should closed the saving account and open a new one at another branch. I wonder if I can ask the branch manager to check on my saving from to time and pay attention to one that suddenly putting MYR$7,000 or more in my account same day then take MYR$7,900 away from my saving account.

I am sure you will be pissed like me, my sister told me new system now to open saving account. It does not come with saving account book and you don't get ATM card but Debit Card. That is bad, I don't like as with saving account book you can keep track of the movement of the accounts.


  1. It is kind of scary to 'see' funds moving that way, especially if we do not know how it happens.

  2. hi BK, yeah and my dad and family all they do is saying why you so careless. :(


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