Monday, June 21, 2010

New You Giveaway by The Honey Bunch

I love giveaway and I am taking part in New You Giveaway by The Honey Bunch, find out how you can take part too.

Now about the New Thing, here's the new thing which is two of my new blogs. They are Sherryever, and Love and Thoughts. I love blogging and they are like children to me, I lost not long ago. The domain expires 24 May, 2010 but sad to say that the blogger not in time to renew the domain and it is no longer under the account. I won the domain and hosting from her contest but she not transferred the domain to me. The I used to sponsor contests and build links for it, it is now gone but I learn that now if win a domain there is need to ask the blogger to transfer the domain. I lost everything in as I don't have backup for it.

The blogs mean so much to me because I am using them to express my thoughts and feeling every day. It hurts long a blog as I cannot sleep or eat well, even my mood goes down the hill. I have another experience in losing a blog which is suddenly now a jewelry blog. I won this from contest too, it is supposed domain and hosting for a year but I am only given a month then I never see the blog anymore. The blogger also missing from her blogs.

I love blogging and I am updating my blogs every day. 


What are the prizes?
  • Blog Makeover by Jiji of TripleColourLife worth RM250
  • RM120 worth of Makeup Voucher from Loving
  • 10 bottles of Perfume For All + 10 Vouchers by
  • Green Pocket Laundry Ball worth RM 189 from The Green
  • 3 Shopping Vouchers worth RM 45 each from Khazis Boutique
  • 5 Shawls from ZaraShoppe
  • 4 sets of Quilling Accessories & Jewelleries from HoneyB Quilling Creations
  • Cloth Pad by Bisky Bosky
  • Beauty items & Ladies Accessories by Hanz
Note : Allocation of prizes and further details will be updated from time to time


  1. thanks for share this info i also like to update my blog post.
    Your blog template design was awesome i like it.
    Its a nice blog which share nice information.

  2. me blogwalking here..nice entry, good luck!

  3. good luck!!!!!!!!!!! and happy blogging!!!


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