Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tips on shopping plus size

It is fun trying out at the shopping mall for clothing, now my tips on shopping. If you look at the picture you know that this is not nice for you. Come on, even though this pink blouse stated the size XL does not mean it will fits in you. You need to try them before you decide, now I don't think anyone wants to wear this to show off their spare part.

Some friends told me the way they hide their spare part is putting on the clincher.

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  1. My best girlfriend wants trendy clothes for her birthday, but I have no idea what patterns/cuts/fits look good on her. She is a petite girl (5'0) who is a size 16/18 (depending on the store) and is an inverted triangle shape. Her shoulders are very very broad and she is a 42DD chest size.


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