Friday, April 9, 2010

Bird Nest in Malaysia

I don't know if everyone has taste the bird nest before, they are not cheap. I was told that there is fake one available in the market. Well the above image is the real one and it is from my brother. He is so kind to share some with me. Above bird nests are not for me alone because I am sharing them with my dear's sister.

I have check out some shop in the shopping mall, they are selling so expensive. I know there are many type and quality of bird nest but I am not sure how you choose them. My sister is very funny, she think that she falls sick and she needs to consume some and she did but the next thing she has vomit all out. I think she supposed to have them well she is healthy. You cannot take them if you are sick. I don't know of this until she mention to me, I would stop her but she is not living with me.

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