Thursday, April 1, 2010

Acne reduces for me!

I started using this for almost a week now and I can see it does reduce the acne on my face. I like this so much and yeah I am still mix use of skin care product. For example I am using this for morning then I use another cleanser in the evening and night.

My dear is having acne problem on his face and back of his body. He refuses to use any skin care products as he used only soap. So I have purchase a soap for him to try I think will know the result by end of the month. At first I given him the Amway soap but he told me that it is making his skin condition worst. I did ask his friend of this and she told me that it will work on him. But it seems it just giving him more acne and more discomfort.

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  1. seen he like to use soap to wash face, change his soap to clinique de,
    then he will used it accordingly!
    it is de way i used for my bf!


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