Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pill medicine crusher and pill spiltter


It's August month and today I am taking this chance to wish my both my elder twin sister Happy Birthday. Sharing is caring I found this affordable pill crusher/pill splitter , it is easy to use. Now there's no more headache if there's hard pill that need to be cut or crushed. Click on the link above to shop, I have bought two of these and keeping one for myself and another for my parent. 

This is easy for travel use too, can fit in some pill inside as they have a storage pill in the bottle. If you are a forgetful person, you can purchase more than a bottle of this pill cutter crusher to keep at office, kitchen, bedroom, study room, dining room and other places that you feel you'll need to use it. The price is affordable and I saw many positive reviewed about this product. 

When you are caring for children or aging parents, we know that they wouldn't want to eat or swallow hard medicine. With this product in hand to use to grind the pill it's easier now to eat the medicine orally. Personally, I don't like big pill tablet but if there's no choice as need to eat it then it's better to split the pill or grind it and not eating it entirely. 

It would be sad to see your loved ones having hard time to swallow the big hard tablet/pill. This product is helpful and useful to use, if you like to know the size of product click on . Let me know what do you think of the product? Is there a better product than this?

Sharing with you my video above, you can click to see how it works.  

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