Sunday, August 22, 2021

Kids at home, what do they do?


Just stay home and what do kids stay at home do? Here's one of the activities that my son do. He exercising and then I noticed that what's he's wearing the BumbleeBee has given us lots of memories. It reminds us that it's been so long since we last visited the shopping mall. This long sleeve shirt, he has been wearing for many years, he likes to wear it though he has got other shirts to wear. Reading back my blog post this shirt was bought in year 2016. I think it would take a long time for kids to visit the mall again. He's still playing his brother's toy The Combiner Wars, though one of it has broken but that time I managed to purchase the replacement of it though the color is little different but it's same toy just different color. 

Talking about toys, do you still keep any old toys? I feel sad as I didn't keep all my childhood toys of Barbie and given them away to my sister. Sadly to say that someone she passed to, the children didn't like it at all. I have a box full of it and also it's fridge, that can play along. It's a box full of Barbie and other toys that I liked. Also the clothing of Barbie that I have handmade by hands, designed just for the Barbie.

We also likes to eat Julies Love Letter, we found good deal on the website as below you can click to shop there. As you can see there are 3 tins of it, actually it's not all for him but its sharing with his brother too. It comes with individual packaging, usually I bought at hypermarket it doesn't has any individual packaging. Have you tried this before? What flavour do you like? My kids also like strawberry flavour and chocolate flavour. For myself I do prefer the vanilla and chocolate flavour.

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The Kids ask Cartoon Network’s Elliott from Earth video is finally ready! Can you spot my son?
It’s also been shared on Cartoon Network and HBO Asia’s social media channels and viewed by hundreds and thousands of people in Malaysia and around Asia in conjunction with its premiere on HBO GO.

By the way, has any parent received the online form from school to fill in for KPM? It's about giving kids the vaccination,  I think it's perhaps the survey that the KPM wanted to know if parents agree or not agree for kids' vaccination.



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