Thursday, January 7, 2021

Suits for sensitive skin and baby safe

Check out 😍 what I am sharing with you today, hand wash that is suitable for sensitive skin and more.
Ecominim's Hand Wash cucumber aloe
Ecominim's Hand Wash red apple berry
Ecominim's Hand Wash dragonfruit vanilla

Besides #socialdistancing and wearing mask we also need to wash our hands often. New Ecominim's Hand Wash as mentioned above, it is
- Plant Based
- Eco Friendly
- Skin Friendly pH
Its safe for family and the environment which is made from botanical derived cleaners. The lovely scent and gentle soft wash, leaves hand feeling soft and pampered like a hand spa.
- Low suds
- Baby safe
- Suits for sensitive skin
- Removes strong smell
- No sulfate
- Organics and natural surfactant
- Natural preservative
- No phosphate
- No CDE/betaine
#sherrygosharing the promo code "sherryminim" enjoy the 10% discount for all ecominim products via The promo code can be use throught for January 2021.
*The products are suitable for me to use but may not be for you as not everyone the same. If you like to know of their product and ingredients, do check out their website.

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