Thursday, January 7, 2021

Better comfort for growing feet with Pallas

Happy New Year 2021, good day to dear readers and visitors of my blog. It's the month of January and soon my son is going back to school. Checking on my children's school shoes and I found out that they need new shoes to wear as their feet are growing fast. It's shopping time for my children who are going back to school next year. When comes to school shoes, my children prefer the Pallas school shoes as it's lightweight, comfortable and for my teenager son who has a giant feet. I am glad I have found shoes that is suitable for him to wear. 

My children are going to be Standard 4, and Form 3 this year. Time fly as children is growing up fast. We don't want to neglect their health and development, it's important to buy suitable shoes for their growing feet.

It is Light weight and it is Better for growing feet, and better COMFORT for children's feet.
My son is going to be Standard 4 this year he fits to wear the 307-0164BK and it is lightweight. It's important that he feels comfortable wearing the school shoes as kids still more than 4 hours at school. Surely we don't want to tire them out.

Sean is Form 3 this year and he is wearing the 307-0170BK which the thicker form, for extra comfort wearing, more protection. Better grip outsole (bottom shoe), prevent from slippery .It matters for the thicker foam as he is wearing school shoes often and the layer of the bottom shoes will be getting thinner. It is also matter that he didn't feel uneasy when wearing the shoes. Growing feet of children matters as we don't want them to feel uneasy when wearing the shoes. There's room in the shoes which give his feet the room of growing feet giving his feet more protection. He has giant feet so he's currently wearing the size #13 . The 307-0170BK is available in BIG SIZE until ADULT SIZE 13, which really difficult to find in market.



The shoes has the thicker foam giving the feet more comfortable and more protection.

Better grip outsole (bottom shoe), prevent from slippery .

Available in BIG SIZE until ADULT SIZE 13, which really difficult to find in market. 

Shop early if you don't want to miss out the running out of stock sizes. I would recommend parents to shop for Pallas because they know what children needs and children's growing feet. It's been a trusted brand for our family as my children been wearing this brand for years. Don't neglect the growing feet of our children, I have experienced myself that I was wearing the same shoes for almost whole year and my feet has becomes bunion by the time my mom found out that I need new shoes to wear.

Don't worry if you thinking about their sizes and whether the shoes fit or not.
If you like to know the measurement check out

With Internet access today, its easier for everyone to shop online. Even sending gifts for loved ones, if you are planning to shop for school shoes, you can shop online at online at .

For more information about Pallas, you may visit to .

You can also buy Pallas shoes at AEON,TESCO, MYDIN Supermarket and etc.

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