Thursday, June 11, 2020

Perfect on-the-go snack to have in hand!‘AMBROSIAL’, 安慕希

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, with Internet access now it's convenient for us to shop online. Sharing is caring, do you like to drink yogurt? Inspired by the Greek word ‘AMBROSIAL’, 安慕希 which refers to the food and drink of ancient Greek Gods. AMBROSIAL is Halal Certified. My children love the yogurt drinks a lot. It's good knowing this delicious yogurt, I watched the Running Man in China series and have seen this brand before but never tasted it before. Now it is available in Malaysia, we can give it a try and there's few flavors to try out too.

Ever wondered what’s inside AMBROSIAL?
Just fresh fruit and good ol’ Greek-style yoghurt, using signature yoghurt cultures developed by the OGs – the Agricultural University of Athens in Greece! And oh, only fresh milk from world class dairy farms which makes it chock full of protein and nutrients!
Convenient and ambient, AMBROSIAL is the perfect on-the-go snack to have in hand!
My children loving it too.
A delicious treat without the guilt!

Convenient pack available too.
With only 209 kcal in a 205g pack, AMBROSIAL is perfect as a midday snack without the guilt!


Containing no additional preservatives or artificial colourings, AMBROSIAL is the perfect healthy on the go snack!

Can keep at room temperature , chill before drink will taste better.

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