Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kids oral care Ki Flash Set from Korea

Happy Friday to dear readers and followers of my blog, everyone has got busy lifestyle. Without fail daily we got to care for our oral health. I found a way that can encourage my son to brush teeth longer, sharing is caring if you are looking for nice gift for children you can check this out.

Sharing with you the coupon code get RM 20 off “sherryxtotsporter” Instagram @tots_porter. The coupon code valid til 31 July 2020.  This is nice toothbrush that my son likes using as it encourage him to brush teeth longer.
The toothbrush Ki is from Korea. It makes brushing teeth fun for kids as well as teaches kids to brush their teeth properly and longer (so they have no cavities). ☺️
The toothbrush has a built in timer of 3 minutes to let the kids know how long they should brush their teeth. It has an LED lights, so it makes brushing the teeth so much fun for the kids. It will stop automatically once the timer hit 3 minutes. The toothbrush head is replaceable, it is easy to change.

The Ki Flash in the set, there is a booklet for your kid to stick their tooth stickers. You can reward your kid with one sticker when he successfully brushed the teeth for 3 whole minutes 😊.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to know more of the product or purchase for loved ones. Sharing with you  the coupon code get RM 20 off “sherryxtotsporter”

Edited: 24 November 2020 

If you are wondering how long the toothbrush batter will last?

There's no need to change the battery as it can last up to 11 months according to the manufacturer with usage of twice a day. 


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