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Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop @Isetan Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur

 Good day to dear reader and visitors, how did you spend the last weekend? As for me I have a mom time out on Saturday, yeah everyone has got a busy lifestyle there's need of 'me time' for mommy. I attended the Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop at Isetan Japan Store, Kuala Lumpur. It's fun and knowledgeable workshop for mom to be and mommies about pregnant mom and baby skin care as baby's skin is thinner than adult's skin. There are fun activities namely the terrarium building and Baby Journaling Tips by Fujifilm Instax printing.

 A day well spend with mommies and mom to be at the workshop, read on to find out.

We get start the workshop with the talk on 'Skincare for Pregnant Moms & Newborn Babies' by Dr. Leong Kin Fon, he is Paediatric Dermatologist. Doctor Leong sharing of the types of eczema, and rashes that happens on babies. Skincare of babies are important as we need to suitable products for baby and early detection of baby skin dryness are important. Doctor Leung shares with us that in many cases food allergies are not the triggering factor of eczema in infants. Genetic and environmental factors also need to be taken into account. 

It's important to apply nappy cream on baby and changes baby's diaper often. As for pregnancy scars on belly, if it's still reddish there's treatment for it, but if the scarring has turned white it's too late for that.
'Skincare for Pregnant Moms & Newborn Babies" by Dr. Leong Kin Fon, he is Paediatric Dermatologist.
Addressing skin concerns during pregnancy; scars & pigmentation.
Newborn baby skincare- Eczema, Nappy Rash

We know mommies would be concern on having pigmentation during pregnancy and scarring at belly. That's not all as parent we would be concern of baby skin's like eczema and nappy rash.

My kids have started using Pigeon baby products when they were newborn. Pigeon origin from Japan and has since year 1957 they have produced the baby products of Pigeon. 

 Pigeons product has wide range of products and one of it is the Pigeon Hand & Mouth wet tissues. Its 100% made of Food Grade Ingredients. Alcohol Free and perfect for babies and mealtimes. Busy parents that often travel will find this useful as we need to travel and go out for meals.

Pigeon range of products got breast pads honeycomb, baby skin care range products, foaming cleanser for baby accessories, toys, fruits & vegetables. If you are looking for gift ideas for this coming Christmas shopping, you know there's a lot products you can find in Pigeon.
yummy Japanese Bento meal before we get start on next activity.

The Beautiful Me Workshop followed by Terranium Building, yeah it's fun time as we got to 'Do-It-Yourself' we are each given a glass before we get start. First we got to listen to guidance on how to get start, maintain and keep the Terranium for long term. It's important to keep it away from direct sunlight. Just once a month to put water in the Terranium.
 Happy mommies and mom to be, hands on experience and making our each and unique Terranium.  Sharing is caring we showed the Terranium that we have made.

It's not over yet as we have the hands on to experience the Fujifilm Instax printing, yeah fun time we get to select the photos for printing. It's easy using the Instax app and we printed the photos in the workshop and you can see the outcome of my creation. I chosen photo of my first born, yeah delivery photo of newborn baby and two photos toddlers (wanna guess which is eldest son/youngest son?).

precious memories photos of little ones, thanks Fujifilm Instax photo printing
 Thank you Pigeon Malaysia for having me, I have such a wonderful time with mommies and mom to be. Yeah we get to learn so much from this Beautiful Be Workshop, sharing our moments together and talk of baby skin care and experience the hands on Terranium and FujiFilm Instax for the photo printing.

Super mom had a wonderful time at Pigeon Beautiful Me Workshop


  1. Can't believe I miss such a great event, I would have love the workshops planned out it was really fun.

  2. I'm sure all of u have learned so many thing on that day. A lot of interesting activities conducted as well. Congratulations Piegon. As we all know Pigeon is one of the best baby product so far because it's safe for baby skin.

  3. I never try product pigeon before but i heard that pigeon also good to use for our baby .Me also like to attend workshop like this but never have a change to join.

  4. I have been tried the pigeon product before and I am pretty sure mostly mommy in the world love pigeon product because of pigeon always looks into and focus on what is important fir babyies babyies and mommies. Its really recommended! Good event pigeon, hopefully one fine day, I can attent their event too. Hihi

  5. i use pigeon product for my baby and yes it really good..highly recommend others to try it too!good for u for having chance to attend workshop like this..


  6. Jenama Pigeon memang sangat terkenal dikalangan ibu bapa kerana telah lebih 40 tahun berpengalaman dan mempunyai kredibiliti dalam teknologi penjagaan kulit untuk bayi yang baru lahir. Menariknya produk Pigeon ini telah diuji oleh Dematollogically bagi memastikan penggunaan yang selamat pada semua jenis kulit

  7. Wow such a fun event i guess. You got to do a terrarium. That is fun. Anak i dulu masa kecik memang guna Pigeon brand. Botol susu, baju, puting. Now no more babies but I will give as a present to my friend yang ada baby. Dah lama dah brand ni. Well known brand....

  8. waa this is such an interesting event and indeed it does seems like such a great workshop to attend to! Would love to join if there’s any like this next time, must be beneficial which filled with lots of great infos and activities too! 😍

  9. Aw, beautiful mommies attending workshop ya <3 Sometimes its good to have some 'me time' to know more abour mommies and babies eh. I love the packaging of Pigeon products. Simple yet cute!

  10. I used Pigeon for my kids when they are small. It is baby's friendly products that good for their skin.

  11. Wah bestnya. Dah la pigeon tu my fav product. Botol susu la, tempat formula milk dan macam2 lg. Next time Nak join la workshop mcm ni. InsyaAllah

  12. it is a nice workshop indeed. nice seeing you and the others that day yo.

  13. yg favourite brand untuk anak-anak i..senang nak cari dan harga berpatutan.. seronok me time with others and learn many thing in the workshop.. hope i will be invite for the workshop

  14. I pernah cuba pigeon dekat anak i
    Mula2 dia tak nak
    Lepas tu dah boleh terima
    But then dia reject balik hahaha
    Skrg dia boleh hisap jenama pasific baby je

    Tapi i macam berminat dgn range skincare pigeon ni
    Boleh cuba untuk Adira ni.

  15. There are also many products for children from our Pigeon brand that we never know. There are various and very complete for the needs of parents who have children

  16. i love this event so's time for us gain more knowledge on parenting and the best part we do activities on art and many more hehehe

  17. i saw familiar face, all the mommies blogger. so nice ar can join this kind of workshop, can learn something new about babies and their product too. hehe

  18. Such a good workshop.. So much info n benefit to parenting group..

  19. greta workshop for moms! even better for new mummy to get a picture on having kids on their own..

  20. Yes, I agree! I have eczema as an adult now and it's mostly triggered by environment such as dust or construction nearby. Things like your laundry detergent, hand wash, body wash, shampoo etc. can also irritate the baby's skin


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