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JoyMix Beet Root Concentrated Juice Powder

 Good day to dear reader and visitor of my mom's best. Yeah it's the weekend where everyone is busy with their lifestyle, busy parenting also need to take care our health too. I am sure you heard of beet root, its good for health and now there's Internet access we can shop online from home and office. JoyMix Beet Root concentrated juice powder, it is 250g and now Free 50g Extra.

The Red beetroot is one of the superfood and it's highly recommended by dietician and fitness experts. We need everyday nutrition and now we can choose JoyMix Beet Root, this is beet root concentrated powder and has contains 8 times highet betaine than ordinary red beet root juice. It help to increase production of Nitric Oxide in blood vessel. It is free flow-not easy to cake. No Earthy taste, and nice to drink.

It contains of Vitamin A, C and has vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin) in small quantities.
 Suitable for everyone to drink especially mothers. Yeah mom like us busy parenting how often do we take care of ourselves? There's menstrual period time that we even feel more exhausted and tired.

Have a glass of beet root juice daily, loving this powder form as it's easy to dissolve in water.
 Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder by Joymix, it comes with a zip on top which is nice packaging that you can sealed it back after opening. The powder formed of root beet provide many goodness for health providing the nutrition of the natural occurring vegetables.

No need go through the cutting and the peeling process of the beet root. Now with this Joymix Beet Rot Concentrated powder you can bring this pack for travel too. It's convenient pack for home or office, the powder can be used for baking cake, pastry, and other bakery.

Goodness of Red Beetroot Concentrated Powder by Joymix
Excellent Mixability it doesn't become curdle 
Smell-less as it didn't give any strong smell. 
8X Betaine more compared to regular beet root juice
5X Nitrate more compared with fresh beet root
It contained of 1 Calorie Per Serving, Joymix red beet root powder containing just 18 calories of per 100g. The recommended serving size is 6 to 10g meaning each serving only has around one calorie. 
Ideal for Keto and Vegetariant Diets
Boosts sports performance 
Sharpen minds of students
Great for older adults to prevent and halt the process of dementia of in older adults. 
Conditions Liver
Rich in Folates
Reduces Blood Pressure
Improves Digestive Health
Excellent for Weight Management

Sharing is caring, having busy hectic lifestyle, there's time for yourself. Take charge now don't neglect yourself and loved ones.
Don't just read here, you can get start having to make your own Beet Root juice, to shop for JoyMix Beet Root Concentrated Juice Powder click on the link now.


  1. Nowadays, there's variety of supplements in the market for both health and beauty right. This is the first product I know using beet root. I'm wondering how does it taste ya? I believe the supplement would help form inner part of the body.

  2. the colour is so nice ! maroon red like that. so many benefits for one product maybe I should try it too

  3. Good to know that there are so many health benefits of this beet root concentrated juice. Since it is also good for weight management I am sure it will be ideal for women.

  4. Wow. I never heard about this juice of beet root until i visit and read your entry. It was great when it is contains of Vitamin A, C and has vitamins B1 and B2 in small quantities. It is quite good. You are true. I agree when you said that mom have to take some add on for their body because we use our energy dor the whole day. Such a giid product to recommend. 😊

  5. The color really says beet root. I wonder if it taste like beet root too. And yes, we have to take care of ourselves first before we can care for others.

  6. Joymix ni dlu ada keluaran yg berasaskan soya kan.. Soya collagen xsilap.. Skrg dh de utk healthy pula.. Menarik boleh la nk try nnti..

  7. Bestnye..teringin nak minum beet root juice camni. Sebab I love beet root juice but malas nak blend sendiri. Difficult to peel skin it will cause my fingers all red. lol

  8. wow! looks good to drink beet root concentrated juice... so many benefits with the red drinks..

  9. byk khasiat joy mix beet root juice powder ni...utk kesihatan memang kena jaga pemakanan dan bersenam juga tapi certain pepole tak bole nak minum certain supllement, maybe tak sesuai dengan rasanya. anyway tq for sharing this product

  10. This one kita suka sebab nak dapatkan khasiat beet root untuk tubuh nak makan macam tu memang tak lah tapi bila ada powder macam ni sangat mudah hari-hari boleh ambil begitu jer..

  11. this is a good supplement and great to make as a drink..and this color also look so pretty great for making my smoothie bowl...

  12. menarik..tak tahu pulak boleh buat minum. boleh tahan banyak khasiat. sama khasiat kalu makan beet root kan. boleh la cuba nanti, mana tahu sesuai dengan body BBL

  13. Tak pernah lagi cuba minum beet root ni, bolehlah sis cuba nanti, kalau sedap bolehlah teruskan pengambilan untuk kesihatan

  14. i would like to review it too.. nampak macam sedap je lagi pun beet root, last time i nampak this fruit dekat cameron highlands... tapi sekarang dah ada dalam bentuk serbuk why not I try kan ? i suka supplement berwarna merah sebab nampak macam kena dengan jiwa I. lagi pun cuba tengok kandungan nutrisi nampak macam perfect untuk my body... i need to get one sebab nak kuatkan imun sistem

  15. I once used beet root in my cooking. bu never occur to my mind that beet root can be drinked. this is really new to me

  16. Wah never heard before about joymix before. Tapi beet root ni its colour so nice .Yang sedang amalkan gaya hidup sihat memang recommemded try this drink for healthy right. I pun macam nak try jugaklah nanti

  17. Macam best je. Rasanya ada sample dia kat rumah ni. nanti nak cuba. beet root ni bagus. ruby gantikan kentang biasa ke beet root dalam masakan. lebih sedap. hehe

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  19. Not bad rasanya. Bella juga dah cuba. But never try the fresh one. Btw, bila i minum, i perasan i sakit perut. For me mungkin i lepas makan late night after work, minuman ni mudahkan proses penghadaman. 2nd time yesterday, i vomit after meal, took beet root, and then the next day i demam. Im not sure whether food yg i makan ada masalah, or body i tak susuai dgn beet root. Need to try ang monitor. Huhu. Now i deman :(

  20. Very soon this website will be famous amid all blogging visitors, due to it's fastidious

  21. Tak pernah minum.. Tapi tahu akan kelebihan beet root tu sendiri.
    Sedsp tak rasa dia?
    Kat pasaraya boleh jumpa ke?

  22. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide
    credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours
    and my visitors would really benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Cheers!


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