Thursday, December 21, 2017

Young Chefs Academy@IPC Shopping Centre

It's a well spend with my son at IPC Shopping Centre, the baking session conducted by Young Chefs Academy. It's a fun time with mother and son as we get bonding time together to bake the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie, it's easy to make there's no oven required for this. For your info the Young Chefs Academy has three category to choose from Kinder Cooks, Junior Chefs, Senior Chefs. Sean didn't make it to the workshop as he has tuition to attend, but I bring along his little brother for this workshop and he baked the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie just for him. You can view the video below for photo that his brother enjoyed the pie.


It's been a long time since I visited the IPC Shopping Centre, yesterday we spend few hours there. You can view more pictures at the album, click on it to view.  My son is attracted to the kids fun land he didn't want to stop playing there. The baking workshop was held next to the kids fun land. 
Before the workshop starts, parenting blogger has some snack time while children go on to have their play time.

The shopping mall is family friendly shopping destination, we can find variants of tenants namely IKEA, B.I.G, Harvey Norman, H&M, Cotton On, and many more. If you like to know more of the IPC Shopping Centre can visit

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