Tuesday, December 26, 2017

MBI Preserves Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") Through the Selangor Children's Knowledge Program

The contribution proposal is made in line with the role of MBI to preserve Social Responsibility
Corporate ("CSR") to further uphold the name of MBI to be featured as an entity channeling donations to the community through the channel - the channel recognized in accordance with
the objective of MBI to give support to needy people for schooling needs and living less burden life in lifestyle support by the State Government.  

The objective of the program is to ease the burden of low-income families in providing child support needs - children and a target of 55,000 recipients consisting of primary school students.

Through the implementation of this program, it is seen to be able to give positive impact on 
welfare people in helping low-income families buy schooling needs. This is indirectly supporting the State Government's agenda in easing the burden of the people rising cost of living

This assistance is also intended to facilitate the recipient to receive such assistance when the provided contribution is channeled directly to the recipient.

The program shows that MBI has the concern's on the difficulty of people who need to accommodate needs of children's schooling and their expenses when the school open days.

 The MBI Preserves Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") Through the Selangor Children's Knowledge Program are held at the following :
  1. Program Hope For The Future at Sunway Lagoon
  2. Program at Tadika Cahaya Takwa
  3. Program at Sungai Buaya Rawang
my son wearing the school uniform and FR Junior bag designed by Fairuz Ramdan

School Uniform Design by Fairuz Ramdan
FR Junior by Fairuz Ramdan.

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