Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jordan's new range of oral care products

Being mommy of two boys and busy lifestyle in the city, it's important of embracing a healthy lifestyle, from practising choice eating habits, getting the right exercise and resting both our mind and body. We also need to adopt a regular oral care regime, today sharing with you the Jordan's new range of oral care products. The Oral Care Regime, which revolves around brushing the teeth and gums and also flossing in between the teeth to remove and prevent plaque build-up.

In year 2015, I have blogged about the Jordan's healthy teeth initiative, you can click on the link to read. This year Jordan's celebrates its 180th anniversary. Jordan is from Norway, they are the Award Winning expert in oral care since 1837.
This is Step 1, suitable for 0-2 years old toddler.

My little one is growing up and he has used the Step 2. Now as he's growing up, he's needs to use the Step 3 as this range is suitable for his age. He's 6 yrs old and this range comes with bonus travel cap. This has the double density bristles 'V' cut is effective in cleaning milk teeth and permanent teeth.
Step 3 which is suitable for kids 6 yrs old to 9 yrs old
My son Sean a kid blogger has shared his experience on using the Step 4 Hello Smile toothbrush and the floss. You can read about it by click on the link.

Sean's using the Step 4 toothbrush
Step 4 children toothbrush which is suitable for children aged 9 years old above, it has a good grip and the toothbrush has the bi-level bristles. This has a tongue cleaner at the back of the toothbrush that Sean can used to clean his tongue.

Adult toothbrushes comes in four range as above
The Classic Double Action toothbrush exist in the market for 43 years, yet still best selling in Asia Pacific. It has quality bristles Herox 610 with perfect end round and durability. This toothbrush has the spoon shape and slim handle for easy reach and maneuverer inside mouth.

Brushing teeth is important and don't forget that we need to floss teeth too. Good to have the Easy Clean Flosser and Expand Floss to floss our teeth. The Jordan Easy Clean Flosser is very easy to use, this is good to use especially at the back of molar teeth. It's comfortable to use and I can change the refill of it after using it.
The Expand Floss it has mint flavour and my son likes to use it. I taught him on how to use the floss and he now knows important of floss his teeth. He's 11 years old this year. It is coated with wax and it is gentle on his gums. For children below of 6 years old, do supervise them when using the floss or interdental brushes.

Sean using the Floss Whitening mint flavour.
With wide range of Jordan oral care products to choose from, we now can choose the suitable floss and toothbrushes for ourselves and loved ones. Practice regular Oral Care Regime together by brushing the teeth and gums and also flossing in between the teeth to remove and prevent plaque build-up.


  1. Oral care is important. nice products for the kids

  2. Good mama! teaching the young ones to care for their oral hygiene since young is the right way.

  3. These are some amazing dental care products..I use Jordan quite a bit as well

  4. Interesting. A full wide range of oral care products from young to adults, so thoughtful.

  5. I don't usually see Jordan products. Guess Colgate, Oral, Darlie and Systema have a bigger share of the market. Jordan is interesting though, having specific Step for age range.


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