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Reasons for renting a studio

The key for any given place of residence is you need to find something to meet your expectations. For many people who work hard during the day, have stressful jobs, and then still want to go out and have a good time with respect to entertainment, there just isn’t enough time to take care of everything that comes along with owning a home. For those individuals who are simply looking for a place to live with no added stress, a studio is king. These are the reasons you should consider a studio instead of a home purchase for your next home.

Less Stress
When you live in a studio you get the home you want but none of the added stress that comes with being a property owner. You pay not only for the unit itself, but so you can literally avoid the rest of the hassle that a normal homeowner has to deal with. If you have noisy and unruly neighbors as a renter, then you can just tell your landlord and he or she will take care of it for you. What about the recent developments in local crime? As a tenant you don’t have to worry about property values changing because your rent is already set – it’s the landlord who worries about outside problems because he or she owns the unit. What about an increase in proposed property taxes? You aren’t the one who deals with it because you just pay your rent and the owner of the building deals with the rest.

The key to remember is when you are paying to lease a unit, part of your payment is supposed to cover everything that is included with managing the property both from a safety and security point of view but also from a financial point of view. While it might be a bit upsetting to need to pay rent each and every month, a big portion of your payment goes to making sure you don’t have to deal with anything else that comes along with the territory of owning or managing a property.

Flexibility to Move
One big thing about younger people is they aren’t sticking roots into the ground as much as previous generations have. This is a tremendous asset if you are any age and are thinking about the future, because in a global world where there are possibilities everywhere, why would you want to force yourself to live in a specific area if you think you could wind up moving away at some point? Even if you only want to head to another neighborhood in the same city, or if you want to relocate across the world into an entirely different country, if you are a renter then you can go just as soon as your lease term is up. The best part about having flexibility to move is if you are looking for studio for rent with PropertyGuru Malaysia, you can easily see where the best locations are, how much they are going for, and even be able to find out the contact information so you can learn the terms such as how long the leases will be. The major key to studios is the general flexibility that they provide, and if you do a little bit of planning up front then you won’t have to worry about being stuck in an area for long if you want to head elsewhere.

Unexpected Repairs
Unexpected repairs can come out of nowhere. In fact, if you have ever watch a television show where people do any sort of remodeling or renovations you already know how often hidden problems are tucked behind the walls and how often they are actually exposed. The best part about leasing is that if (when) those unexpected problems do rear their ugly heads, you are not on the hook to pay for them. In fact, not paying for those repairs is only the first part of the equation, as once the repairs and updates are made by your landlord, you are the one who gets to enjoy brand new features and appliances and it will be on the dime of your landlord.

Knowing you can truly live in a home that is up to date and up to code is a very nice and secure feeling. However, knowing you will have that same feeling without having to shell out the major dollars to pay for it is an almost unheard of possibility unless you are leasing a studio unit.

Middle of the Night Problems
Every home has problems and that’s just what happens to everyone. However, when you have to deal with a problem at two in the morning, it can be extremely frustrating. If there is a water leak from a busted pipe, you smell gas coming from behind an oven that isn’t on, or your power won’t work, who do you think is going to have to take care of the problem? When you own a home then it is all on you (or the cost will be on you when you call a professional at two in the morning). But, when you are renting the unit, a simple call to your landlord means everything will be taken care of. You will save on the maintenance, supplies, cost of the repairs themselves, and you won’t even have to pay for the possible damages that occur if water did leak into drywall for example.

It’s not just about the actual problems that can come up in the course of owning a home that can make it so hard, it’s the fact that you already have enough on your plate and don’t need any additional responsibility. When you have had hard days of work, have a personal life with personal stresses, and you still need to be back into the office the next day, do you really want to be dealing with emergencies in the middle of the night?

While some people will argue against it for financial reasons, the truth is if you are looking for a no stress, highly flexible lifestyle then you truly can’t go wrong with a studio unit. You pay so someone else takes care of the place and the problems. And, while you are paying money every month, you don’t have to bear any of the responsibility or stress and that’s something you can’t buy.


  1. Thanks for this info! Studio rooms are perferct for single busy people, cos its fuss free.

  2. I have this idea of renting a studio too. I dont know why, but i just love the concept of studio instead of a house.


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