Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disney On Ice Masterclass@Sunway Pyramid Ice

It was a great time I saw the kids having fun with Disney On Ice Masterclass, you can check out the album at my Facebook Fan Page, click on the link to view. This was last Thursday in the evening where children's parents are excited too to see them ice skating and learning the same time.

This was a part of the four days event which kicked off from February 16 to promote Disney On Ice, from two days of masterclass where children enjoy ice skating and received the first hand tips and learning from the professional skaters who are part of the Disney On Ice at Sunway Pyramid Ice. Last weekend was the Meet & Greet sessions with selected Disney Stars!

Children happily received their certificate of participation
 18 adorable children aged from 4 years old to 12 years old took part in the Disney On Ice Masterclass. They are happy and enjoy themselves from the start to the end, do click on my Youtube video above to view. You can also seen more video at my Youtube link 1, link 2, click on the link to view. It is not tough, willing step by step and enjoy every moments of it.

The seven coaches at the Disney on Ice Masterclass, they are cast including Nala, Simba, Jasmine, etc.
Disney on Ice Masterclass, teaching children step by step of having fun.
 Say no more I feel like a kid again, I want to go ice skating too. My eldest son missed ice skating too, he has not skate for few years. He didn't follow me the evening as he's having tuition. But I am glad to share him the video and photos I have taken. Now let's make an unforgettable memories for our kids, how about bring them to watch The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice together.

The show date is on 24 March to 26 March 2017 during Malaysia school holidays.
Show time: 
24 March 7.30pm
25 March 11am , 3pm, 7pm 
26 March 11 am, 3pm. 

Ticket prices: RM328, RM288, RM188, RM148, RM98
*excludes 6% GST & RM3 ticket fee

Venue: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. 
For more detail check out

Disney On Ice, I am sure everyone is excited to see their favourite characters on the ice skating rink.

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I have uploaded the video there too, you can view how kids having fun and enjoy themselves.


  1. How great that these days kids can go ice skating. When I was young, I wanted to skate on ice but never had the chance cos no facility. Too old now. LOL

  2. loving the opportunity to skate with this professionals and watch the kids have a great time...

  3. Awh how lovely - I am sure the kids must have had such fun- ice skating certainly brings out the best experience.

  4. Feel so touching every time when I'm at Sunway, the music sounded paired with the ski dance.


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