Monday, March 14, 2016

Discover and explore at Sunway Pyramid this March School Holidays!

This March School Holidays, what's your plan? Last Saturday we head to Horlicks NutriQuest roadshow at orange concourse. Then Sunday we head to blue concourse at Sunway Pyramid for the Discovery Channel's Discovery Explorers! A fun filled adventure for everyone especially for the kids. You can check out this fun adventure from 11 March til 20 March 2016.

download Discovery VR 360 then see it for yourself!
Held at the LG2 Blue Concourse of Sunway Pyramid, families can expect a fun-filled time with four very different games and challenges. Not only are the games fun, they are educational too!

 My sons have a good time at the event as they can dressed up to pretend they are divers!

Now you know where to go this school holiday, do check out the learning and adventure together with your loved ones. 

Costumes play time for the kids, where they can act like they are gold miners.

I like shopping at Sunway Pyramid because there are exciting events for kids to enjoy and we can also shop and dine under one roof. 

having fun learning how to dig up the gold... 
 How hard can it be? It is not easy after all, there's skills using this machines to dig gold!
whats up doc?

What else happening this March? 
To view more pictures event that I have joined with my kids, you can click on the link to view it.

The Kinder Wonderland (18 – 20 March)!

Bring the entire family for a fun time of learning & adventure with these educational activities!

11-20 March: Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers @ Blue Concourse
18-20 March: The Kinder Wonderland @ Orange Concourse

Its going to be a family fun events together at Sunway Pyramid. 


  1. Great activity for the kids this school holidays. I always love educational activities.

  2. Looks like a wonderful event. Unfortunately for me i won't be able to head over with the kiddos. Hopefully the next round. Thanks for sharing!

  3. next time invite me, but maybe when my girl a bit besar huhuhuhuhuhhu 4 months like that can ke hu3

  4. My children enjoyed the activities there too. A great education programme for this school holiday.

  5. sunway is always creative. love the shopping mall and the ideas behind it. will definitely visit if i have chance!

  6. Is a nice event for family to spend their time together, parent and kid can learn something interesting together :D

  7. I miss out this event last weekend, it looks fun and I am sure the kids had a great time.

  8. The events looks so cool with all the gadgets to try on hehe! Discovery Channel is a fun and exciting programs for family to watch =D

  9. looks like a superfun time for your boys, they will learn to love science with this kind of event

  10. i'm always at sunway pyramid , maybe should check this out very very soon!


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