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Jerlynn'L Skin Care for Children

 Good evening everyone, it's Friday. Happy TGIF to everyone. Today I am going to blog about last Saturday parenting event that I have attended at MegaKidz Midvalley. The event was organised by Jerlynn'L where I bring along my sons to join the workshop. It's family event I would say as we get to know more about the products and at the same time children get to play at the MegaKidz playground. It's my boys first time to play there, the venue is located at the 3rd Floor of Midvalley Megamall on the North Court. We often hang out at nearby food court there, so I know where this is.

Its sharing love through everyday living at the Jerlynn'L workshop.
One of the activity on the day was playing with DIY soap.

Brand Manager explaining to parenting blogger about Jerlynn'L product range
Photo above credit to mommy blogger Miera

products of Jerlynn'L that we get to try on the workshop together with kids
 Jerlynn'L skin care is safe on delicate skin because they understand adolescent skin and they have carefully select suitable and acceptable ingredients to be included in their products.

colour bar of art soap, you can also called it DIY Soap
Children and parents having fun to play together on mixing the color to create the master piece of the artwork. You can find Art Soap available at the website, each color of art soap cost RM10. It is eco-friendly soap that children can play it like clay, just don't remember don't put them in mouth!
The art soap is suitable for children 3 year old above to play. Product is made in Korea

family bonding time with art soap in hands
 Busy kids and parent having a good time, bonding with children is important. No matter how busy you are, do spend time with them to play and have fun together. It's fun time together, if you like to purchase the art soap, you can check out their website. They have 8 colors of art soap to choose from.
playing Art Soap, you can DIY Soap just like playing playdough

 My sons and I have fun play together with the art soap, we have mixed up to create new color to play. After the play we head to the wash room to wash our hands. We always need to remind our children that after play need to wash hands.

Sustainable skin health starts early on and with good skin care habits.

Skin care should not be complicated but efficacious and safe.

My son happily showing his hands are clean

Jerlynn'L Body Wash is used after the play. Sharing is caring, 
Children gets to enjoy playing at the playground in between the session so that we can know more about the product range.
Fun big playground at MegaKidz, they also have movie room for children to watch movie.
Playing slide is one of my son favourite time, while his brother was away in the room watching movie with his friends. Play time for the children, they can play all day long if they want. 
Jerlynn'L Daily Moisture Lotion RM49
Jerlynn'L Daily Moisture Lotion suitable for children Age 3+
Contains natural plants and herbs extract with essential ceramides that soothe and help protect child's delicate skin. During the event I tried this it's non sticky, and also applied on my son, he likes it. It has a nice smell, it contains no drying alcohols and won't clog pores. Product is made in Korea.

Children skin is delicate, we cannot use adult lotion on children's skin. 

While our children are playing at the playground, we get the chance to scoop up Ice Cream Refresher -.Eucalyptus to put in the special pouch. Suitable to put in closet or small room. 
I like the refreshing smell of this product. 
RM19 for a scoop of the Ice Cream Refresher - Eucalpytus
Keep the product away from the direct sunlight!

After the event, we get to enjoy the refreshment. My sons enjoy themselves. 
Cute cupcake is serve for each child. 

 Thank you Jerlynn'L for having me and my sons to join the workshop. We are have a good time together. My boys like the products, they are suitable for them.

Don't be surprise if you find the Jerlynn'L Bodywash don't have much bubble. 
Jerlynn'L a truthful brand, earth-source ingredients used. 

Understand children's skin requires different nourishment from adult's skin especially their different needs on different stages of development, all products are specifically formulated to protect young, delicate skin.

Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner & Detangler 100ml RM79.00

Apply suitable amount as needed, don't forget this is conditioner, 
you'll need to wash it off not leave it on.

Contains natural plants and herbs with essential extract that soothe and help to child's delicate skin.
Product made in Korea.

On the left is Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner & Detangler 100ml RM79.
On the right is Hair Wash - Moisture (Plants & Herbs Extract) RM119

Bug No More its (180min - Plants & Herbs Extract) RM49
It's special feature with natural botanicals extract to prevent bug or insect bite.
Spray to use on skin, it is 100ml. Suitable to use as travel use. 
Preservation Free, made in Korea. 

Good news for my readers, if you like to purchase Jerlynn'L. 
You can use 20% voucher code: Blog20
This voucher can be used at Jerlynn'L Kiosk 
at Midvalley or Online.
No cash refund or exchange for cash value.
Code can only be used ONCE.
This voucher is valid till 30 April 2016. 

The Mid Valley Kiosk, is located at Lot FK-13, Level 1,
Mid Valley Megamall, 
1, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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