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Dining at Coffee Terrace Resort World Genting

my son excited about getting on the bus
Last Saturday morning, we are the early birds that arrived at Wisma Genting at 9 am in the morning as we are excited to go Resort World Genting with parenting bloggers, RWG kids bloggers and bloggers. The bus only depart around 11.15 am.

It's one hour drive to reach Resort World Genting. We have our lunch at Coffee Terrace, it's located at Lobby Floor of Genting Grand. It's buffet lunch, that's everyone like eat all you can.

So many choices of food from Chicken Rice, Ipoh Hor Fun, Char Kway Teow, Asam/Curry Laksa, Satay, Ice Kacang and many more.

Satay is one of the must eat in the list! 
This is one of the local Malaysian favourite, 
there's side dishes to add on the ketupat rice, cucumber, cut onions, cut pineapples and satay sauce. 

 You can try Chinese Food and Western Food. After all you are in Malaysia, I am sure you like to try Flavors of Malaysia if you are not local.

There's soup of the day with bread available as well. 

Salad bar where everyone likes to create their own healthy salad meal for a good start.

Happy Chef behind the scene, whats cooking? Some chefs do walk around to check if there's still food, if not they will cook and replace the empty pot.
After a heavy meal, don't forget to eat some desserts and fruits. 
There's coffee machine for you to make your own coffee too. 

Variety of fruits namely dragon fruits, green apples, water melon, papaya. 

Other than fruits, you can also find ice cream to eat. 

To what extend bloggers will do to take photo of food?
Yeah this is what we do, if you love to snap food before you eat, you'll know of this. 
After all, the table have all these yummy dishes filled up waiting for picture.

Spot some of the Malaysian bloggers and Singapore Bloggers 

For your information Coffee Terrace is of the most spacious dining restaurants at the resort.
They have four sections - 
Private Room
Lanai Bar
Nyonya Baba Corner
and Alfresco Terrace.

The premise can accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time. 

If you have interest to dine at Coffee Terrace with your family and friends, I am sure you like to know about their price. 

Daily Buffet Special for this month only! November

Operating hours:
Buffet Lunch:
12 noon to 2.30 pm

Buffet Lunch:
RM38 nett (adult), RM19 nett (child)
RM50.00 nett (adult), RM25 nett (child) Eve PH & PH


  1. I always laugh when I see bloggers taking food pictures.
    We love to take pictures more than we love food right. hehehe

    1. yeah I think is nice to snap first to show the whole food.

  2. Rm38 is really a good deal although i seldom go there during weekdays...but i dont mind paying rm50 during peak season for the great vareties too :D

    1. yeah so surprise so cheap, so now we know where to go for buffet food.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! They seem to have like a lot of varieties in their menu

  4. RM38 for buffet lunch is worth it. RM50 during peak hour is a reasonable price. :) Definitely I'll visit Coffee Terrace during my Genting trip.

  5. The price of the buffet looks pretty reasonable and with so much food! Definitely a recommended place to dine at Genting

  6. A variety choice to choose when dinning with Terrance house. The buffet a bit pricey but they able cater different cuisine.

  7. wow... sedapnya. next time ajak i.. heheheh
    harga sagant berbaloi dan ok

  8. i have tried before and i have to say that they have a lot of choices to choose from.. my tummy is full after seeing those yummy food. :D

  9. Om nom nom... I always check my blogs at 5.30-6am and with all these pictures my stomach starts growling... and rumbling... hahahaha is that any wonder....

  10. haven't dine there before, hope to get a chance one fine day. lots of food there in genting to savour.

  11. That place looks great! Not to mention such pricing for buffet?! You serious?? I want to go right away!

  12. Wow so many varieties. The price is really affordable.

  13. I wanted to go again since the buffet price was so cheap. Only RM38 can eat all I can. Yummy...

  14. actually the price is very reasonable here to enjoy a buffet in Genting...definitely a must go to eat place for me for my next Genting trip....hmm...i guess will be in Xmas :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. oh quite affordable ah this price. looks like a great place to bring the family if we are around the area. thanks for the recommendation! :D

  16. And i thought genting food prices are so expensive, this price is really cheap especially for buffet!

  17. I'm quite surprised to see the price for the buffet! It's not that expensive at all, especially in Genting.

  18. Wow nice food, especially the dessert spread, served with so many varieties, my favorite, yummy :)

  19. great for the weekend getaway up genting with family. More food for us!

  20. Wow so many types of food to choose from, I think I am craving for buffet now.

  21. Haven't been to Genting Highlands for a while now. Maybe one of these days I shall drive myself up there and just dine here all by myself. :)


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