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Chin Swee Caves Temple at Genting Highlands

This school holiday are you planning for a family vacation? Have you been to Chin Swee Caves Temple? It's our second time to the temple, located 4,600 feet sea level and at the most scenic site of Genting Highlands, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is the perfect getaway for this school holiday also for those that like to escape the busy city in town.
my 4 years old son.
We loved the view as it is overlooking the lush green slopes of virgin forests; the Chin Swee Temple is where you can snap many beautiful photos of the hills.
Many people come to this temple for pray for better health, wealth or prosperity. 
I was told if you have a wish, you can come this temple to pray. 
Many people have got their wishes come true. 

For parents, we usually pray for child's safety, health and education. We also pray for family members
My son Resorts World Genting Kid Blogger
Among some of the attractions you can find at the Chin Swee Caves Temple included the newly-build observation square called the Sky Terrace.
large statues of Kuan-Yin stand tall 
Within the vicinity, you can find the large statues of Buddha and Kuan-Yin stand tall behind the five-storey Temple. Besides praying to both Buddha and Kuan-Yin, 
for your info devotees can also pray to a black seated statue Reverend Master Chin Swee,
which is found inside the Temple.
another large statue of Buddha
If you like to stay at the temple, there is accommodation available. The Gohtong Hall, part of the Chin Swee Caves Temple, consists of 110 rooms - 93 triple rooms and 17 double rooms -
for medication, retreat and self discovery. 

All of the rooms are equipped with basic facilities such as ceiling fan, standing shower and luggage racks, with peaceful environment of the temple, the Goh Tong Hall will be the ideal place for those who seek for peace and quiet time away from busy cities. 

Everyone is busy looking at the pond? Some of them have also throw coins in the pond.
You can find the food for turtle available for purchase in the temple. 

The Chin Swee Caves Temple also boats two meeting rooms with a build-up area of 1,400 square feet and 650 square feet respectively. The Goh Tong Meditation Hall has a space of 7,035 square feet and is able to accommodate 300 people comfortably to host a variety of functions, from brainstorming sessions to group meditation activities and weddings. 

It is fully air conditioned and is equipped with PA system, projector screen, plasma TV,
stage platform. Two meeting rooms and a VIP lounge are also available at the Hall.
A Taoist temple, the Chin Swee Caves Temple is situated on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder, the late Tan Sri Dato' Seri Lim Goh Tong. The Chin Swee Caves Temple was officially opened in 1994.

One of the most popular tourist attraction at Chin Swee Caves Temple is the educational Journey to Enlightenment that depicts the Ten Chambers of Hell. According to Chinese beliefs, the soul of a dead person would be sent to the First Chamber of Hell and his past deeds would be screened by Chin-Kwong-Wang, the King of the First Chamber, who would decide whether or not and where he should receive punishment. 

A good soul would be sent for rebirth in the Heavenly Realm and an evil soul would be sent to one of the remaining nine chambers of Hell, each empowered to impose various degrees of punishment.

The Ten Chambers of Hell, take a vivid, sometimes disturbing, take this trip as you'll see each chamber has a story of its own. Find out about the ten levels of Chinese hell and discover the principles of karma, cause and effect in Buddhism.

You can read about the Seventh Chamber of Hell and  Eight Chamber of Hell, by click on the link.

Seven Fairies
Bridge of Fairies, the beauty of this ornate bridge is made even more alluring with the presence of statues of the Seven Fairies descending gracefully from the heaven. 

If you like to go there, there's a fast, convenient and economical journey to Chin Swee Caves Temple, travelers can use the Genting Express Bus Service to Genting Highland resorts.
Available from :
Pudu Sentral 
KL Sentral Station
Terminal Putra LRT Gombak
1 Utama Shopping Mall

Free freeder buses will pick up passengers at First World Hotel (Lane 3) to Chin Swee Caves Temple

If you have interest to go Chin Swee Temple at Genting Highlands, if you need more information o this place you can also visit 
or call
Chin Swee Temple Goh Tong Hall Retreat Direct line 
at 03- 2718 1113.


  1. Great educational trip for the kids.. And fun time for us, too!

  2. Wow 7 fairies sculptures looking really nice !!!Bestnya !! Nak naik genting tapi takot

  3. It still looks the same as when I visited it years ago :D good place to take pictures there especially with the godfairies

  4. I really had fun time exploring the temple and took lots of nice photos. Definitely will go there again.

  5. so long never visit this temple. many new things hor? You sure have fun there

  6. Nice place for a 1 day trip. Enjoyed the scenic view.

  7. I always pass this place whenever I go Genting, but I don't think I have been inside before. Looks lovely though!

  8. Went to this place few years back during night time. Plan to revisit it during day time next round. :)

  9. Ah, a very nice stopover for those going up to gamble, but never really hear of anyone actually winning a lot of money after praying there.

  10. Nice pictures... really enjoy seeing them

  11. nice temple, especially can overlook the scenery from the top. must have a short stopover whenever i go to genting.

  12. yeah! Travel travel travel agaiN!
    I can feel the weather by just looking at your photo!

  13. I've really love to visit this temple. Living in Ipoh, it's a lot further for me to travel to Genting. One day soon, I hope.

  14. long time no go genting dy. This temple is a must go place everytime i visit to genting. hopefully can find time go back again.

  15. Cultural visits are always the bets for children as they are at their primer learning age :)
    If i'm not mistaken, Kuan-Yin is the goddess of mercy right?

  16. I visited this place last 2 years I think? Glad that more attractions at Genting now.

  17. Always see this temple from the genting hotel but never got a chance to visit it. I really admire the interior designs of this temple. Such fine details.

  18. stayed and dined there before. Nice to stay, the food is a bit too 'sweet' though, wish they could use more natural flavourings, ones which doesn't make me thirsty after

  19. it's a great big temple, i love the view from there.

  20. Wah this Chinese Temple is very well preserved. The last time I was there many years also, there are some changes and upgrading now.

  21. I plan to visit kl next year maybe i consider to go there too :)

  22. Love this place, will stop by Chin Swee Caves Temple to take photos whenever I travel up to Genting :)

  23. Lot of information and things that can we get from here. Cool place to go for a day trip. :)


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