Friday, September 11, 2015

Swiss Garden Hotel Malacca

Master bedroom, so big and comfy!

It's Friday night, do you have plans for this weekend? If you have been following my instagram/Facebook you know of my plan for tomorrow Saturday.
This is a #throwback on #familyvacation to Malacca, we haven't been to Malacca for many years.
We find Tourism Malaysia is best to visit as we miss Malacca so much, it was time to bring my parents for vacation.
#spacious #SwissGardenHotelMalacca, look at the bath tub behind the glass!

My kids dream comes true as they wanted to have bath tub in the hotel. This room is like an apartment, it has big living room that comes with a sofa bed, you can scroll down to view.
This is second room that can with two single beds. There is a toilet outside the room to share with the study room.
This is how the toilet looks like. 
A single bed in the room.
The light in room is quite dim, so there's the table. There's also table in master bed room.

Wow looks what all you need is on this desk!
Coffee making facilities that we all need. 
Haha.. my dear is trying to figure out how to put this sofa change into sofa bed.
Basically, you need to pull out the cushion and it becomes a sofa bed.
This was the first night, my son enjoys sleeping in the living room.
But not for his dad, he was in and out of room to check on him.
Look there's microwave and fridge in the room.

We went to nearby restaurant for dinner on the first night. Then we walked back to hotel.
The night my dear spotted this small crab along the walk on the bridge.

The bridge is very old, so need to be very careful when walking on it. 
Some of the woods on the floor are broken or the handle of the side bride with big hole at bottom.
Do watch out your kids if you are bringing them for a walk outside.
This is very near to the river cruise Melaka, but we fail to get on any cruise as it was raining at night.
By the time we reached the counted we were told that we need to wait an hour or so for the next cruise.
Beautiful view outside the Swiss Garden Hotel. With a water fountain as you can see.
Next morning after buffet breakfast we head to swimming pool
There have adults and kids swimming pool.
Well, you know with kids sure we need to stay with them. 
But beware next to this kids swimming is an adult pool next to it.
Scroll down and you'll see it, nice to have bubble time.
Nice kids swimming pool, that everyone cannot have enough of it.
My sons nonstop playing sliding down.

Below is where I mention the adult swimming pool, there's one more outside that you can do laps if you are very good in swimming.
So how many swimming pool in total?
There are 3 swimming pool. 
We all have fun and enjoy our stay at the hotel. We stayed at 29th Floor at Swiss Garden Hotel. The swimming pool is located at 9th Floor, if you are on way up to your room you can check out the swimming pool. There's gym area too, just above the swimming pool.

We pay our own to go this hotel, since we stayed there. I just want to share with you some photos and experienced we have.


  1. Nice hotel.. Looks like a lot of fun.. Would be worth checking out if and when I head there to Malacca

  2. Whenever I'm in melaka I'll stay in Jonker street area. Lol. But this place looks nice too.

  3. I like the kids swimming pool. Got the slide and water playground.

  4. Such a nice hotel, just great for families! No need to go out just play inside enough

  5. Very nice vacation it seems :) Shall pay a visit to the hotel with my family too.

  6. Such a lovely place to visit... I won't mind checking it out sometime...

  7. Your children seems to enjoyed it so much. I love the hotel too.

  8. The bed looks so comfy! You makes me wanna go for vacation..

  9. The pool looks cool. I must be pampered with the nice pool

  10. How much is the rate per night over there? I always go melaka follow hubby work but usually we stay in jonker walk there.

  11. such a fun hotel and looks so classy too...i love going malacca too, there's just so much to do there.


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