Tuesday, September 22, 2015

School holiday this September

Last Sunday I have a good time with my friends, were you there at the Spirit of WIPRO Run? If not click on the link to read about it. 

This week school holiday, tomorrow is Wednesday. My parents are coming over, I can't wait to meet them and have lunch together with them. My mom wants to dye her hair, so I'll be letting her to choose the colour tomorrow. I have bought some hair dye products to DIY hair dye at home. 

My dad called me today to inform me that he have booked tickets for going China next year with my mom and my sister-in-law together with twins gal. I missed twins gal, haven't seen them for many weeks. 

My brother's twins gal haven't been to Sunway Lagoon before.
Taking of Sunway Lagoon, have you checked out the Carrie Facebook? 
There's on going contest to go Sunway Lagoon this Saturday. 

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