Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Starting a computer class is a YES OR NO?

How's everyone feeling today? It's been raining all day long, son given a notice from school. There is no computer class in school so school PIBG plans to start computer classes.

There's no mention of how much fee a month that parents need to pay, the notice is like a survey form asking if parents want to have the primary school to get start the computer classes for Standard One to Standard Five. If parents are agree to it, parents will need to pay a fee for the computer class.

Just like that a survey of Yes or No to get start with computer class and if parents are willing to pay or not. Both in one questions, so you can only tick YES OR NO.

There's no other saying how long the computer class will held, or how much the fee payment.

I recall my school days that we spend not a long time in the computer class and 4 of us were sharing a computer to use. It was so long ago, different school different rules and regulations.

Anyway we'll have to wait and see the outcome of this maybe in September or October. 

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