Monday, August 17, 2015

8 September to 10 September give way to UPSR Exam

The school has given a notice today that children of Standard 1 to 5 will not be going to school because Standard are having exam on these dates.

There is also information on injection of (DOUBLE ANTIGEN BOOSTER/MR/DA/POLIO) will be giving to Standard One student on 17 August today until 20 August 2015. Some parents choose to have their children get injection in hospital instead of school. My son has got his jab in school when he was Standard One.

The notice also highlight that children are coming to school late. Parents are advice to send children to school early and on time to lead them with good example. Practical mark of Moral or Agama will be deduct for the late comers starting from 18 August 2015.

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