Sunday, March 8, 2015

Looking for the right property

Have you think of where to invest your money? I find that having property investment will be a good idea. I saw the properties in Subang Jaya, it was RM300K ten years ago but the price have almost triple today. No kidding so that's how I find out that my neighbours have been purchasing properties then rent them out. With Internet access today, we can check online for the properties in Malaysia. Check out the PropSocial website, I find the website user friendly and easy to browse.

Going the PropSocial website, I search for the properties in Petaling Jaya as I wanted to know the cost of properties there. I find out that the properties there are more expensive than Subang Jaya. It depends on your budget too, if you are looking for properties of RM350K to RM2 Million check out the website. Petaling Jaya have nearby neighbourhood of Puchong, Shah Alam, and Subang Jaya. I like this website as it stated on how many education, medical, petrol station, banks, malls and public transport available.

Whether you are looking to rent the place or purchase a property, I would suggest to take a look at this website PropSocial. With Internet access today, we can access from home and office. Today, the majority of the property buyers would conduct their research online. I have friends with interest to purchase property but don't know where to get start. Now I can let them know as they have internet access from their home and office to check online.

I find this website user friendly and easy to browse. I also like the Discussion on the website where you can find useful discussion on properties, you can select the location under All Categories. If you like to know the latest information on the properties you can register using your Facebook account or Twitter account to keep up with the news feed based on your interest.

Many of my friends with interest in properties but don't know where to get start, I would suggest them to take a look at this website for more info.

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