Thursday, May 29, 2014

Movie Review: Maleficent

Today I brought my mom for movie, yeah just mom and daughter day's out. We have good time together, she wanted to watch movie and we decided to watch Maleficient. It's true love, do you think true love exist?

When comes to true love, what comes to mind? Girlfriend and boyfriend type of true love?

Who likes to watch Sleeping Beauty? Angeline Jolie is the Maleficient in the movie, she's the angel with wings. She loves nature and she falls in love with a human. He's boy then and she was a girl, he stole something that he's not supposed to, then she ask him to return it. But he's stealing more than just thing, it's her heart. Stefan an orphan, he told Maleficient that he wants to live in the palace. He was living in the barn.

So what happened if Stefan success being a King? Find out what's he going to do to become one!

What happened if someone missed use the love of the other? It would feel heart broken, right?

One used another's one love to achieve his/her dream.

All these feelings, you'll find in this movie. It's touching and meaningful movie that almost make us cry.

It's interesting movie to watch with children, the movie is PG13. I'm glad mom enjoy the movie.

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