Sunday, May 25, 2014

Discoveria: Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition in Avenue K

Have you got plan for this school holiday? Before the school holiday start, we have decided to check out Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! This exhibition is in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. Check out my instagram video by click on the link.

My boys love to play their Dinosaurs toys and this is great experience for them. Especially my eldest son he loves it. This place is suitable for children 3 years and older, where they can travel back in time and uncover the wonders hands-on learning through 15 experiential and highly interactive educational activities, fun for the whole family.

Look about my son in above picture, hehe.. I have fun adding caption for this picture. 

Everyone gets to be Junior Paleonthologist!

Once we enter the Dinoscovery, we get the map to search for 10 hidden dinosaur specimens.

That's not all we get the vest, torch light, dino detector wrist band that we need to use it to find the clue for the answers.

You can choose to say no need to have torch light but you'll have hard time to look in the dark. It's not that dark but you know it it's a quest/journey the Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! You don't want to miss out the fun to hunt for dinosaurs and specimens.

My toddler enjoy every moment in the Dinoscovery, he's favourite moment are seeing the dinosaur's eggs and running with the dinosaur. Yes, no kidding you have your kids run with the dinosaur to see the human win or the dinosaur wins. He has so much fun that I can say he race with dinosaur for more than nine times. It doesn't matter win or lose, he has fun running and we were cheering for him. The dinosaur he is racing with  is Velociraptor! 

I have the experience on the big tail of dinosaurs, wearing it like a backpack and try hitting the points. Woo.. this is difficult and the dinosaur's tail is very heavy. 

Don't worry if you want to try, the Discoveria staff is there to assist you. 

My sons enjoy themselves digging up to find the dinosaurs fossil. 
My dear and I have hands on experience with save the dinosaurs by shooting pests. It's a paint ball, so now I know how it's feel to use the paintball gun. 

My sons love their time to in the mini cinema, yeah watch Dinoscovery in 3D. My toddler first time to watch movie with 3D glasses. 

Kids get to enjoy the colouring moment, and I like the above picture where children learn of the A-Z letter of dinosaurs.
Check out above and below pictures for the souvenir shop. 

Last but not least a picture of my son where he pop out from the dinosaur egg. 
Ow.. he's not a dinosaur's baby, he's my baby. 

This place is indeed a fun place for whole family. 

Discoveria, Level 4, Avenue K, 156 Jln Ampang, KL.
They are open everyday from 10am to 10pm.
They are open everyday including the Public Holiday.
You can also click on the link above to visit their website. 

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