Thursday, October 27, 2011

Si Manja & Huggies Contest winners

Are you one of the winners of Si Manja & Huggies Contest? I am happy to tell you that this afternoon I received call from them but I was driving so I need to call them back. I am happy to say that they informed me that I am one of the winners of Si Manja & Huggies Contest. I won the consolation prize which has prize of 3 months Huggies Dry diaper supply for my baby. I choose to have XL Size because I bought several L size diapers already.

The consolation prize has 100 winners I am one of them, I am happy and send sms to my dear. He thought I have won 3 year supply LOL. I will be very happy if that's true, anyway the 1st Prize is $12K Simpanan BSN under your child name.

Three month Huggies Diaper Supply is good for my baby boy, I just need to wait this three weeks for the delivery. I was told that they only delivered once so must make sure somebody is at home!

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