Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby liner for baby napkin

My baby is four month old and he is using baby napkin in the day time. I bought many baby liner to put on baby napkin. At night we give him to wear diaper. My first son was using baby napkin too I know now there is other type of napkin but we prefer the old style. We are not using the big pin to tight the napkin but the three arrow type of pin.

I am still breastfeeding him but not directly because he is used to bottle feed. I need to pump every three hours to feed him. At middle of night I will give him drink fomula, the doctor always check on his weight every month. He is now 7.38kg.

The type of baby liner that I bought usually Pureen or Kiko. You can get nice price during the sales of Jusco. I bought the Kiko baby liner at Parkson but I find it sold out so I turn to Jusco instead. Now my baby is wearing M size diaper soon he will be using L size diaper. My baby used various brand of diaper he does not have sensitive skin. I know my friend tell me her baby cannot use any brand due to sensitive skin.

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